Other World Computing has announced new OWC 4GB
modules and 6GB Memory Upgrade Sets for MacBooks
and MacBook Pros (both 15 and 17 inch models,
which prior factory and after- market options
limited memory to a maximum of 4GB total.

Complete OWC memory upgrades pricing for the new
“unibody” MacBooks and MacBook Pros:
° 2GB DDR3 Memory Upgrade Module, US$65.99;

° 4GB DDR3 Upgrade Kit (matched pair of 2GB memory modules), $129.99;

° 4GB DDR3 Memory Upgrade Module, $699.99;

° 6GB DDR3 Memory Upgrade Kit, $749.99 (2GB + 4GB modules).
OWC Memory Upgrade Pricing for 2007 “Santa Rosa”
model and later (pre-Late 2008 “Unibody”) MacBook
13-inch, Macbook Pro 15-inch, and MacBook Pro
17-inch models:
° 2GB DDR2 Memory Upgrade Module, $29.99;

° 4GB DDR2 Upgrade Kit (matched pair of 2GB memory modules), $59;

° 4GB DDR2 Memory Upgrade Module, $449.99;

° 6GB DDR2 Memory Upgrade Kit, $479.95 (2GB + 4GB modules)

For more information on OWC Memory Upgrades and
online compatibility guide that ensures you are
presented with the right options for your Mac, go