Noise Industries ( has announced that
FxFactory has expanded host integration support to include the newly
released Adobe After Effects CS4 application. In addition to the
expanded host support, there are four new plug-ins for FxFactory Pro

The new plug-ins are packaged in the FxFactory Pro 2.0.5 update and
include Random Close Up, Whoosh, Cube and Upscale. The Noise
Industries team is also offering a new Pan and Zoom plug-in FxPack.
Released as part of the special Noise Industries Free FxPack
Collection, free FxPacks such as Pan and Zoom can be used by any
FxFactory supported Adobe or Apple user. A look made popular by
documentary maker, Ken Burns, the new Pan and Zoom plug-in enables
users to create the stunning Pan and Zoom motion effects without
using a single keyframe.

Users can download FxFactory 2.0.5 as well as the free Pan and Zoom
FxPack directly from the Noise Industries web site.