Oranged Software ( has released Studiometry
6.0.5, an update to the Mac OS X compatible software for companies to
organize, plan, invoice, track and create with Client and Project
data. The new version overhauls the Employee Permissions in
Studiometry, giving administrators more control over what each
Employee can view and edit.

Also, Permission sets can now be copied between employees. In
addition to reworking the permissions, many new permissions have been
added and several old permissions have been split to allow greater
control. You can now select a permission in the Employee editing
window to view a description of what will be restricted when
disabling each item.

Studiometry 6.0.5 costs US$239.95 for a single user license and
$159.95 for an add-on license for one additional computer. An upgrade
license is $59.95, and a site license is $1,749.95.