LogMeIn has released a beta version of its
LogMeIn Ignition software that gives iPhone and
iPod touch users secure access to their remote
office and home computers.

With one-click from their iPhone or iPod touch,
customers can connect to their computer and work.
LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch
connects to desktops and laptops running LogMeIn
Free, LogMeIn Pro or LogMeIn IT Reach and can be
used to control Mac OS X and Windows systems.
According to Kevin Farrell, vice president and
general manager, Digital Living, LogMeIn,
features of LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod
touch include:

° A “My Computers” list that displays all available remote computers;

° Full keyboard, mouse, zoom and scroll control
using touch screen, consistent with other
iPhone/iPod touch applications;

° The ability to securely save log-in information;

° Option settings for optimizing the experience
of connecting to and controlling the remote
computer, including locking the remote computer’s
keyboard, blanking the screen of the remote
computer and screen resolution.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch is
currently in limited beta. iPhone and iPod touch
users interested in applying to participate in
the beta can visit
http://www.LogMeIn.com/IgnitionPreview to learn
more. LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone and iPod
touch is expected to be available through the
Apple App Store this holiday season.