Imagine Products ( has released
ShotPut Pro, an US$89 automated offload application. The Pro edition
offloads any video media including Panasonic P2 and AVCHD cards, Sony
SxS, RED ONE and other digital media cards in a single application.
ShotPut Pro may also be used with any removable media such as CF,
SD, or other memory cards for digital still photography.

It’s available for Mac and Windows systems. ShotPut Pro is Universal
Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

It features manual (single card or volume) mode and auto (multiple
card or volume) mode. You insert the card into a notebook’s card
slot, or plug in a mountable volume or card reader, and ShotPut Pro
makes secure, verified copies of the volume’s contents in up to three

ShotPut Pro features integration with many external DVD or Blu-ray
disc burning applications. It also makes a printable activities
report log of all the file transfer activities. This text file shows
all the details including names of volumes and files, the copy
destination names, file sizes, duration of each transfer and
aggregate transfer time, date, etc.