equinux (http://www.equinux.com) has released CoverScout 3, an update
of the software for completing album covers in iTunes. It has a
revamped interface and more.

The interface of CoverScout 3 is based upon the principles of Cover
Flow. Its intuitive and familiar interface make it easy for anyone to
flip through their music library and find all their missing cover
art, says equinux CEO Till Schadde. CoverScout scans your music
library as soon as the application is launched showing all covered
and uncovered tracks. It searches for appropriate cover art on the
Internet, which it can automatically apply to entire albums or
individual tracks.

CoverScout searches multiple music archives like Amazon, WalMart and
Google Image Search simultaneously. It can also be adjusted to
include additional search sources. In the integrated cover editor,
each album cover can be edited with pixel precision, rotated,
cropped, scaled and the colors can be adjusted. CoverScout even
offers the option to photograph rare albums with one’s iSight.

CoverScout 3 is now available in German, English and French from
US$39.95 in the equinux online store. CoverScout will appear in a
high quality product box at local Apple retailers soon. CoverScout 3
runs with Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) only.