Craft Animations
has introduced Mac OS X versions of its Craft
Director Tools for users of Autodesk’s Maya.
Tools is a process-driven animation suite based
on neural networking, artificial intelligence and
autonomous control systems.

Craft Animations’ co-founder and chief technical
officer, Luigi Tramontana, says Craft Director
Tools offer an entirely new way of animating by
quickly and accurately directing the physical
motion paths of objects such as cars, planes and
helicopters. Craft Director Tools extend creative
possibilities by eliminating the time-consuming
tasks of key framing and scripting, he adds.
Craft Director Tools include:

° Craft Camera Tools, which provide users with cinematic results in real time.

° Craft Vehicles, which allow artists to create
realistic and accurate simulations for in-motion

° Craft Accessories, which add the finishing
touches to productions by simulating and
animating props such as missiles, cameras and
other moving parts.

Craft Director Tools for Mac OS X are available
now and are individually priced between US$129
and $1,199. Mac versions of Craft Director Tools
are compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and later.
Craft Director Tools are also available for
Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya Windows platforms.