“What’s black and white and red all over? The DecoDock Lava Edition by
Pressure Drop!”

Bend, Oregon – August 17, 2005 – The DecoDock is on fire! Pressure Drop
today announced the DecoDock Lava Edition, a colorful and stylish addition
to any desktop. With a glossy black base and glowing red LEDs, the DecoDock
Lava Edition provides users with a simple, sultry way to connect an iPod
shuffle to their computer. DecoDock Lava Edition sells for $28.99 and is
now shipping in limited quantities. Pictures and more information can be
found at pressuredropinc.com.

“You Too can enjoy the striking combination of red and black shared by
other members of the iPod family,” said David Gawlowski, President of
Pressure Drop. “With DecoDock’s flexible Art-Techo design we’re not limited
to a single configuration or style – how many other docks remind you of an
erupting volcano or a certain district in Amsterdam?”

DecoDock is also offered with white LEDs and the following base colors:
cobalt blue, obsidian black, silver, white, pink, and green. All colors are
currently shipping and available for $28.99 at pressuredropinc.com or from
one of our approved domestic or international resellers.

DecoDock was the first stylish dock designed to complement and enhance the
iPod shuffle and provides an elegant solution for users who want a simple,
artistic way to connect their iPod shuffle to their computer. Designed in
the classic Art Deco style, the DecoDock’s lighted columns tower over a
brilliantly colored and graceful arc, enhancing the pleasing simplicity of
the iPod shuffle. The iPod’s plastic cap can be stored in the back of the
DecoDock, a unique feature designed specifically to help prevent it from
getting lost.

About Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop is the leader in the emerging Art-Techo Movement, a mission
to transform a consumer’s expectation of what technology products should
look and perform like. As creators of the first Art-Techo computer
peripherals, PaperHub and TrestleHub, Pressure Drop has proven that the
computer peripheral industry is ready to evolve beyond utilitarian plastic
boxes and chaotic tangles of wires and cables. Pressure Drop is instead
creating stylish, visionary peripherals that fuse art and technology.
Discover the Art-Techo movement at pressuredropinc.com.