The Very Cool Software Company is a new
London-based company that specializes in
developing music and game applications for the
Mac OS X, iPhone and iPod operating platforms.
The company’s first release is the Dübreq
a reproduction of the original 1968 Stylophone
electronic musical instrument, which has been
developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod
touch e platforms.

Invented in 1968 by Brian Jarvis, and
manufactured in the UK by Dübreq, the Stylophone
is known as “the original pocket electronic
organ.” It is, in fact a hand held, monophonic
synthesizer, whose iconic design enjoyed major
success, and sold by the millions in the early

The Stylophone’s sound has featured on numerous
hit records, by a diverse range of artists
including: David Bowie, Brett Domino, Erasure,
Hexstatic, Krafwerk, Marilyn Manson, Orbital,
Pulp, The Raconteurs and They Might Be Giants.
The Stylophone has been “reborn” for the 21st
century in the form of the Dübreq iStylophone,
and will be available to buy for US$5.95 at the
Apple Apple Store on Dec. 1.