Opera Software has launched Opera 9.6, the newest version of its web
browser. The company says the upgrade enhances the performance and
flexibility of Opera’s built-in e-mail client, while adding new
features to Opera’s free browser-synchronization service, Opera Link.
Opera 9.6 is available as a free download from http://www.opera.com/.

In version 9.5, Opera lets you take your favorite search engines and
the browser history you enter wherever you go. Opera Link also
synchronizes notes taken in your Opera browser, your bookmarks, Speed
Dial and personal bar.

The built-in e-mail client, Opera Mail, now includes “low-bandwidth
mode” to retrieve mails even faster when bandwidth is limited. Opera
Mail now has two new ways to manage e-mail conversations. Keep an eye
on important threads and contacts by following them, or ignore less
important threads and contacts with a single click.

Opera 9.6 purportedly improves the quick responsiveness and page
loading of Opera 9.5. It offers previewed feeds: you can look before
you feed. Now you can see an RSS feed’s content before subscribing to
it or even bookmarking it.

Finally, Opera has added support for Indonesian, Ukrainian, Estonian,
Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil languages. Opera 9.6 is available for Mac,
Windows and Linux systems and ships in more than 38 languages.