Southpaw Technology has released version 2.0 of
its digital asset management system for Mac OS X,
Windows and Linux systems. New project tools
allow artists to explicitly define and visually
streamline software pipelines, improving
efficiency and workflow within multiple
departments, says Southpaw Chief Technical
Officer Remko Noteboom.

New and improved features in Tactic 2.0 include:

° New project customization tools to
individualize projects or fine-tune current

° A new visual, node-based pipeline editor
intended to visually create pipeline processes;

° A new tactic browser and custom view builder,
designed for creation of custom views within the
Tactic web interface;

° A client application programming interface
(AIP) enhanced to control every aspect of Tactic
directly from custom scripts and in-house studio

Tactic 2.0 sells for a suggested retail price of
US$895 per user. This includes all software
upgrades and technical support for the first
year. Ongoing upgrades and support may be
purchased for $185 per user, per year. Tactic is
licensed per “active user” — meaning a studio
can assign as many user accounts as they need;
only those that are set as active by the Tactic
administrator require a license.