Scosche Industries ( has announced its latest
cases, chargers, in-vehicle mounting devices and home integration
systems developed specifically for the iPhone 3G and Apple’s newest
iPod models. Among the products are a line of protective cases.

Scosche’s IP3GC clear case has an integrated kickstand for widescreen
viewing and rubber traction cleats to protect the phone and case from
scratches. Each product also has a laminate screen protector, and the
rubber corners of the case are flush with the curved corners of the
phone to prevent any feeling of bulkiness, according to Kas Alves,
vice president, sales and marketing, Scosche Industries. This
specialized iPhone 3G and iPod case is also available in pink, in
addition to the standard clear option. Additional iPhone 3G cases
include: IP3GSC, a clear case and silicone skin two-pack; IP3GS, a
clear silicone skin; and IP3GSP, a pink silicone skin.

Scosche has developed new car chargers that allow consumers to charge
their phones by plugging the charger into a 12 volt power socket in a
car. The IPCRC also features a retractable coil to prevent tangled
cords, and can charge an iPod or iPhone 3G.

Scosche also introduced several new devices that allow for mounting
of the iPhone 3G onto car dashboards, windshields or cup
holders. These products, including the MTNAV Portable GPS Nav-Mat
Dash Mount, IUHC4 Mobile Dock-IT Mount Kit, IUHW5 Mobile Grip-IT
Windshield Mount Kit and IUH3 Mobile Grip-IT Vent Mount Kit enable
drivers to mount their iPhone 3G to a visible location in the car
helps prevent them from taking their eyes off the road to search for
their phone, and if necessary, to talk by speakerphone.

In addition to its signature car and mobile products, Scosche has
also expanded its accessories line for the home with its iPod clock
radios. Compatible with the iPhone 3G and latest iPod models, Scosche
now offers both a stereo alarm clock and a compact alarm clock for
iPod. The compact alarm clock IALM3 allows consumers to wake up to
their iPod, favorite FM station or buzzer, and will charge an iPod
while the included AC adapter is plugged in. With dual alarms and a
programmable sleep mode, the stereo alarm clock IALM enables
consumers to wake up and fall asleep with their favorite music. The
device also charges the iPod while the included AC adapter is plugged

Scosche has also developed a new product for use with any in-car iPod
integration system to support charging for the iPhone 3G and newly
released iPod models. Known as “passPORT,” this highly sophisticated
product maintains all functionality including audio, video and data
of the iPhone 3G and new iPod models, while allowing the devices to
fully charge while in use.