FairCom Corp., a provider of database technology, has released the
latest generation of their database development toolkit, c-treeACE
Professional, in conjunction with new releases of their c-treeACE
database servers. This release marks a debut of enhanced productivity
tools, a full featured ADO .NET Data Provider and numerous new
deployment options.

c-treeACE (Advanced Core Engine) is designed to increase the
productivity of development teams by offering a shorter learning
curve, an assortment of productivity enhancing tools, and a multitude
of application programming interface technologies. Based on FairCom’s
c-tree database engine, c-treeACE offers a solution that the company
says allows developers to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

c-treeACE Professional (formerly the c-tree Plus Professional
Edition), designed for the experienced c-tree developer, offers a
database solution for sophisticated applications. c-treeACE
Professional provides a range of development options to meet the
needs of advanced applications including a Server SDK for customizing
the database engine with the ability to link the multi-threaded
engine directly to your application for utmost performance.

It includes single tier operational models and full client-side and
partial server source code. New and enhanced interfaces include
ADO.NET, LINQ, C#, dbExpress, and PHP. The release of c-treeACE
Professional follows the release of c-treeACE Express earlier this

c-treeACE Express provides a entry point to FairCom’s database
technology by offering free development rights. A free software
development kit is available for download from tje FairCom web site