SimpleTech ( has announced the 1.5TB
SimpleTech Pro Drive and the first 3TB two-drive RAID 0/1 solution,
the SimpleTech Duo Pro Drive. Each ships with a reinforced design for
added reliability and durability and a quad interface (eSATA,
FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0) /

With data transfer rates up to 3 gigabits per second (3Gbps), eSATA
is three times faster than USB 2.0 (480 Megabits per second). If your
computer doesn’t have an eSATA port, you can add one with the new
USS$69.99 SimpleTech ProSpeed eSATA PCI Adaptor Card.

With two drives in one, the SimpleTech Duo Pro Drive gives you two
ways to save: Speed Mode (RAID 0) and Copy Mode (RAID 1). Speed Mode,
or striping, leverages both hard drives to read and write your files.
If using eSATA in Speed Mode (RAID 0), you can receive six times the
speed of USB 2.0, ideal for home video editing and streaming or
working with graphic-intensive files, according to the folks at

For added data protection, Copy Mode, or mirroring, makes an extra
copy of your files on the second internal hard drive, so you always
have two separate copies of your important stuff. That way, if the
first drive fails, the second one swings into action so there’s no
data loss or downtime. Now shipping, suggested retail pricing is
$279.99 for 1TB, $419.99 for 1.5TB and $549.99 for 2TB. The 3TB model
will be available in late in the fourth quarter; pricing hasn’t been

The SimpleTech Pro Drive comes in capacities up to 1.5TB and a
quad-interface. Now shipping, suggested retail pricing is $159.99 for
500GB, $209.99 for 750GB and $259.99 for 1TB. The 1.5TB single-drive
model will be available in mid-quarter four; again, pricing hasn’t
been set.

The SimpleTech Pro Drive and Duo Pro Drive automatically back up your
computer files to the drive or to secure remote servers using Fabrik
Ultimate Backup ( With online
backup, you receive 2GB free, or for $4.95 per month you can upgrade
to unlimited capacity and protection.