Aqua Connect Terminal Server 3.0 now offers Mac Leopard compatibility and
RDP support

ACTS 3.0 is the only scalable high performance terminal server for the Mac
OS 10.5 platform

Los Angeles, CA – Aqua Connect Inc., the leader in scalable enterprise
grade Macintosh terminal services, today announced the release of its Aqua
Connect Terminal Server 3.0 software. The newest release is compatible
with Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and offers support for Microsoft’s Remote Desktop
Protocol (RDP). This groundbreaking development establishes Aqua Connect
as the first company to license and implement RDP server for the Mac
platform. The release of the Leopard version has been highly anticipated
and Aqua Connect has delivered more functionality than previous versions.
This version allows new organizations and existing terminal server users to
easily integrate the Mac platform into existing IT infrastructures.

“Our developers and engineers are excited regarding the 3.0 product,” said
Joseph Cohen, CTO, Aqua Connect, Inc. “We believe the product is
light-years ahead of the previous version. 3.0 will give customers the
necessary tools needed to scale and manage large sets of users and servers
at a fraction of the cost of virtualization.”

The Aqua Connect Terminal Server 3.0 includes substantial upgrades over the
previous versions while still delivering the core features that made ACTS
the standard in Mac terminal services. These features include:

RDP support which allows a diverse amount of clients to connect with
greater security, efficiency, and speed to deliver an improved user

More advanced administration tools such as auditing user sessions,
prioritizing CPU usage, and session shadowing.

Improved integration with Apple’s Work Group Manager, Open Directory, and
Active Directory.

“We have been extremely impressed with the enhancements Aqua Connect has
made in their latest software release. It has significantly reduced our
administration efforts and has been well received by our internal Mac
users,” said Bryan Ferreria, IT Director, California Police Activities

Aqua Connect is committed to the continuous improvement of their product
and will offer updates on the new release. A few of these updates will

The ability to black or white list applications on a user or group level.

Cover Flow user view to quickly search through active user sessions.

The ability for administrators to instantly send notifications to all users
on the system.

The authority to monitor license compliance on a user basis.

“This new version of Aqua Connect Terminal Server emphasizes our commitment
to customer satisfaction by implementing key capabilities in order to meet
market demands,” said Renee Mehrian, acting Chief Executive Officer, Aqua
Connect, Inc. “Aqua Connect’s feature enhancements provide IT departments
with a quality solution for a tighter more simplified integration while
providing users with a superior computing experience. With organizations
under pressure to reduce their IT budgets and energy consumption we are
proud to provide an enterprise grade solution that will deliver an
exceptional operating system while continuing to reduce the total cost of

About Aqua Connect Inc.

Aqua Connect Inc., is the world’s leading Mac terminal server enterprise
software company. Aqua Connect is committed to evolving its products on
the Mac platform. With Aqua Connect Terminal Server organizations can
reduce energy consumption while increasing security. Aqua Connect’s
development team has formidable experience with Mac, PC, Linux and UNIX
platforms with expertise in several application and technology categories.

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