After a two year hiatus, San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center
will be the renewed focus of all things audio. Sonic Studio
( will be there Oct. 2-5, launching new
products, demonstrating current wares, and providing a glimpse at
future technologies.

The company will stage the first public showing of several new items.
A brief look at the convention highlights include: the release of the
new, low cost NoNOISE FixIt option; shipment of the new DSD Converter
option; the release of a new version 5 of Sonic Console; on–site and
off–site demonstrations of new and current products including the
latest versions of PreMaster CD, soundBlade and the new v5 Console
for Series 300 I/O Processors with 2d DSP expansion. There will also
be technology demonstrations of partner hardware and software

A new product will be released, a restoration option exclusively for
soundBlade and PreMaster CD. NoNOISE FixIt combines elements of
Manual DeClick, Manual DeCrackle, Broadband DeNoise and Sonic EQ, all
in a single t bundle. FixIt uses the same high fidelity NoNOISE II
engine found in each stand–alone option, while providing a
simplified user interface and entry level price, according to the
folks at Sonic Studio.

What’s more, Sonic Studio is shipping a new option, DSD Converter,
for soundBlade and PreMaster CD. This bidirectional processor
converts either DSD or LPCM data in the background, preserving all
the nuance of the original recording.

For customers who own Sonic Studio’s exclusive Series 300 line of DSP
I/O processors, a new, improved Sonic Console is available. Taking
advantage of Metric Halo’s 2D hardware capabilities, the v5 Console
boasts a new user interface with simplified routing and factory
templates for common tasks, plus new +DSP modules for reverberation
and Character. Borrowing the euphonic distortion found in “classic”
analog gear, Character integrates many flavors of distortion directly
into the Series 300 hardware. Every channel in a 2d mixer, including
all bus masters, has a wide range of tube, transformer and FET
Characters available, according to Sonic Studio.