EastWest (http://www.soundsonline.com”) is shipping Xsample Chamber
Ensemble, a new virtual instrument library of solo instruments for
chamber music and chamber orchestra. The collection contains
thousands of combinations of orchestration styles.

Xsample, which retails for US$795, comes equipped with a Kontakt2
Player engine which significantly expands user’ options when Xsample
is used in conjunction with certain composition programs. For
instance, Xsample with Kontakt2 is able to work out an elaborated
interface for the adaptation of the notation programs Finale and
Sibelius. Due to the harmonic interaction between the Xsample
instruments and these composition programs, users’ notated ideas can
come alive in a musically interpreted manner, says EastWest CEO Doug

With several instrument variations, including stereo and mono,
Xsample handles numerous key switches using Kontakt2 as well as
globally occupied key switches. For example, you can find “sul pont”
for violin, viola, violoncello and double bass all on the same key.