Version 3.6 of aTV Flash (http://www. — an US$59.95
USB flash drive that inserts into the Apple TV and will upgrade it to
do various kinds of new things — has been released. This version
adds support for the Loop pointer, from Hillcrest Labs, to the Apple

The Loop pointer, from Hillcrest Labs, is a new Freespace in-air
mouse. It’s designed to be used by the growing number of consumers
who connect their Mac or PC to a TV.

While the Apple TV doesn’t officially support mouse controllers,
consumers who use aTV Flash (version 3.6 with AirControl) will be
able to use the Loop pointer to navigate menus, control video and
browse the web with the flick of a wrist. aTV Flash includes support
for additional media formats that are not typically supported by the
Apple TV.

These formats included DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, VIDEO TS (DVD files) and
many more. Additionally, it adds an integrated WebKit based web
browser, and the ability to expand the storage capacity through the
use of an external USB hard drive.