DiscCloud Releases Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Mac OS X

DiscCloud transforms any PC, workstation, or x86 based machine into a
powerful virtual desktop server for Mac OS X Leopard clients. The DiscCloud
virtual appliance runs on VMware and therefore provides Mac users with all
of the benefits of VMware virtualization.

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) September 6, 2008 — DiscCloud today announced the
release of the DiscCloud Virtual Appliance, the world’s first desktop
virtualization platform designed for Mac OS X clients.

The release of Desktop Virtualization for the Mac sets a high bar for
desktop computing, both for consumer and enterprise clients. With
DiscCloud, Mac desktops can be centrally administered, supported, and
maintained using trusted and well known practices used by VMware

The DiscCloud Virtual Appliance runs as a Virtual Machine on VMware Server
and ESX class products, and hence on vast assortment of standard x86

DiscCloud extends existing capabilities of the Mac desktop, via advanced
VMware features such as automated backup, continuous availability, storage
scalability, mobility, and desktop disaster recovery.

DiscCloud’s unique approach to desktop virtualization is 100% Apple license
compliant, and supports Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) clients.

For more information, visit:
http://www.disccloud.com and http://disccloud.ning.com