MyWeather, LLC has announced MyWeather Mobile
(, a weather information application
for the iPhone. It lets iPhone users access weather maps, current
conditions and forecasts on the go, and also provides full screen
interactive radar.

MyWeather Mobile combines animated radar with Microsoft Virtual Earth
technology, letting you view weather conditions at your specific
location — or any other location around the country. Turning the
phone horizontally truly puts you in control by displaying a
full-screen version of the map and radar, allowing you to pinch,
flick, zoom, and double tap the map down to the street level, exactly
as a broadcast meteorologist would. This precision also allows you to
view golf courses, schools, stadiums, or any other key points of
interest and view the radar at that exact location.

In addition to the interactive radar, MyWeather Mobile also offers
weather data, including current conditions, temperature,
precipitation, wind speed, and 12-hour trends. GPS technology allows
you to automatically receive the current conditions and forecast for
your exact location, and you can store multiple locations on your
device to check three or six day forecasts for the places that matter
to you most. MyWeather Mobile is available now in Apple’s App Store.