PC-Mac-Net FileShare v5.0 offers cross-platform file sharing nirvana

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — October 5, 2005 — Lava Software is now shipping
PC-Mac-Net FileShare v5.0, a fast and efficient file sharing and remote
folder synchronization product which operates over LANs and the Internet.
It decisively outperforms normal Windows file sharing and FTP in terms of
security, ease of setup, functionality and cross-platform compatibility.
Versions are available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

This new release features a complete graphical overhaul of the user
interface, full bidirectional file and folder transfers, remote folder
synchronization, a chat messenging function with clipboard transfer and
audible alert, new streamlined folder navigation controls, detailed file
transfer logs, writeable shared folders, inline editing of local and remote
file and folder names, local and remote file and folder deletion, local and
remote folder creation, powerful local and remote folder bookmarking, local
and remote free disk space reporting, faster file transfers, a resizable
main window, file and folder modification date display, average and
instantaneous transfer speed display, and custom file and folder icons on
Mac OS. It is a free upgrade for all users.

The free Lite Edition has 10mb download and 2mb upload file size limits,
supports workgroups with up to 3 users and can be downloaded now from Versions are available for Windows
98/NT/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X (including ?Tiger?), Mac OS Classic (from Mac OS
8.6 upwards) and Linux (i86). A version for Mac OS on Intel is expected to
be released in early 2006. The Standard and Professional Editions have no
file size limits, support large workgroups, and offer some additional

Lava Software is currently offering a 2-for-1 special for individual
licenses of the Standard and Professional Editions – for each license you
order, you get an extra one free. The Standard Edition is priced at
USD24.95 and the Professional Edition is USD39.95. Professional Edition
site license packs are also available, starting at USD299.00 (20-user).
Free upgrades for one year are included in the price.

About the Company

Lava Software Pty. Ltd., a company incorporated in the State of South
Australia in 1997, offers software products across a range of key
application areas for all popular computer platforms. More information is
available from