Techno-Grafik and Zisser Software have announced iTaskX 2.5
(, which provides Mac OS X users a
cost-effective and MS Project compatible project management solution.

iTaskX 2.5 is not only for professional project managers who want to
plan, calculate and control their projects with iTaskX it’s also
newcomers in the field of project-management wanting to present their
schedules fast and impressively. It makes no difference whether plans
for times of building, for media or for other projects are being
developed. iTaskX is adopting itself to the working method of the
user and offers maximum insight into targets, dates, costs and the
process of projects.

Since iTaskX is exclusively available for Mac OS X special attention
has been put on the exchanging of dates with other solutions for
project management such as e.g. MS Project for Windows. Via the by
Microsoft recommended exchanging format MS Project XML and MS Project
MPX it is possible to exchange e.g. besides all calendars, resources
(persons/material), baseline more than sixty additional task fields.
With iTaskX 2.5 it’s also possible to open the native MS Project file
format .mpp. Therefore iTaskX can be regarded as a milestone for
exchanging dates MS Project.

Furthermore the seamless integration of the Aqua user interface of
Mac OS X and the built-in guide enables users to become familiar with
iTaskX 2 rapidly. Accordingly initial periods are reduced to a high
extent und you will be able to achieve productive results with iTaskX
in a trice.

For testing iTaskX Techno-Grafik offers the possibility to order a
evaluation license which can be used for thirty days free of charge.
This is maximum security before buying. For existing customers iTaskX
2.5 is a free update.