Softhing has released a new version of Entourage Email Archive X 4
( with support to the
new Entourage 2008 and IMAP accounts. EEAX 4.x works on Mac OS X
10.5.x (Leopard) with Microsoft Entourage 2008.

The update fixed a bug that prevents to properly delete the emails
processed when the user selects a session containing errors. EEAX now
properly handles messages with subject longer than 255 characters
when they are saved as .eml files. More than the available earlier
settings, in the filter area is now possible to define to process
emails older than X days.

EEAX has been successfully tested with the latest 10.5.4 and Office
12.1.1 update. EEAX includes the latest version of the freeware
SpotInside to browse and search the archives including the real time
preview of search results using the Apple Spotlight technology. The
latest version also has minors internal changes to the interface,
dialogs messages and manual.

EEAX 3.x is available for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 users with Entourage 2004.