Canvastic LLC ( has updated Canvastic, the
integrated writing, graphics and publishing tool for students in
grades K-8 for the Mac and Windows platforms, to version 3.5. The
program allows students to publish pages, books, presentations and

Canvastic’s 3.5 new Audio Tool allows for voice recording, iTunes
integration, and inserted sounds. The audio can be played in the
document or in presentations. Canvastic is now a Universal Binary
application so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Mac.

Version 3.5 supports transparency and color tones in its graphics and
text. Spell checking can be enabled or not. The “Learn” button can be
enabled or not. Custom words and lists can be added then locked
preventing students from corrupting the user dictionary.

New brush shapes in Canvastic 3.5 provide more artistic control, but
still keep the choices to a manageable level. Digital photographs can
be included. Templates, backgrounds and art that support curriculum
standards have been amended. These additions have all been designed
to work with the “Grows With the User” feature that presents a
customized interface for students at any level.

Version 3.5 a free upgrade for all paid registered users. Registered
users who didn’t pay for their copy of Canvastic can upgrade for 50
percent of the posted educational prices. It’s purchased and
downloaded from the web site. Pricing starts at US$39 for a single
user license. An unlimited school building license is $949. There are
various lab pack prices as well. Any school can continue to pilot
Canvastic for up to 60 days on as many computers as desired. Many
school districts still qualify for a free site license for 50 percent
of their schools.