Outspring Inc. Discontinues QuickMail Line Of Products
Final versions now available. Company will now focus development efforts on
Outspring Mail client and spam solutions.

Santa Rosa, CA. – July 25, 2008 – Outspring Incorporated, makers of email
client, server and spam-stopping products, today announced that they will
be discontinuing the QuickMail email client and server line.

Jeff Baudin, Outspring president and CEO stated, “While the QuickMail
products have a rich history and many current users, it has become almost
impossible for us to continue development on these products. They were
written in an old version of the CodeWarrior development system, which just
isn’t compatible with current generation computers and operating systems.”

As of today, Outspring has suspended all sales and phone support for
QuickMail products. Customers who have purchased QuickMail products within
the last 90 days will still be entitled another 90 days of telephone
support. Prior users can still find peer-to-peer support in Outspring’s
support forum at their website.

Outspring has released final versions of QuickMail products with these changes:

QuickMail Server:
* Compatibility fixes.
* Rev-Locked to not operate on systems above OS X 10.4.

QuickMail Client Macintosh:
* Embedded serial number. No longer requires activation code.
* Startup screen encouraging users to migrate to Outspring Mail.

QuickMail Client Wintel:
* No changes.

While Outspring has discontinued sales on QuickMail products, it will
continue to offer the 1000-User upgrade, which will allow those operating a
QuickMail email server to upgrade their server to the maximum of 1000
users. The price for this upgrade is $199 and is available at the Outspring

Asked about the possible future of QuickMail, Baudin stated, “We do intend
to eventually create an all-new QuickMail server, written from the
ground-up to be completely UNIX and OS X compatible. But right now, our
primary focus is on our new Outspring Mail client for Macintosh and our
line of spam-fighting products.” Baudin estimates that if they do create a
new QuickMail server, it won’t be until 2010 or 2011.

For more information, visit http://www.outspring.com

About Outspring Incorporated
Established in January 2004, Outspring Incorporated began life with the
acquisition from CE Software of the QuickMail line of email client and
server products. One of the very first and most popular email products for
Macintosh. Since that time, Outspring has introduced a revolutionary new
email client, Outspring Mail, as well as a line of server-side
spam-stopping solutions called Spamcaster and Spamphibian. Outspring is
committed to bringing the best email products available to students,
educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through
its innovative software offerings.