Post.Office: New, Leopard-compatible mail server for Mac OS X Simple,
Secure, Powerful

Santa Barbara, CA. A new Post.Office 3.8.4, still simple, secure, and
powerful, but with added modern features, is now available for Mac OS X
10.5. Post.Office, after more than a decade, continues to be a popular mail
server that instills loyalty among users.

Long-time Post.Office customers continue to transition to Mac OS X from a
range of diverse platform.

Post.Office’s built in web-managed SPAM filter engine has been updated to
allow filters to be imported, exported, and disabled, giving Postmasters
the ability to collectively fight SPAM by exchanging filters with
colleagues. Added security to SMTP Authentication, ensures open relay
protection while giving authorized users world-wide mail server access. In
addition, Post.Office supports the addition of open-source plug-ins to
complement and reinforce Post.Office’s built-in filtering.

Post.Office’s mail filtering plug-ins – SpamAssassin (a popular, open
source spam detector) and ClamAV (an equally popular, open source,
multi-threaded virus scanner) – have been updated. Both SpamAssassin and
ClamAV are delivered pre-configured and integrated into Post.Office’s
web-managed SPAM filters. With this new version of Spam Assassin, filtering
rules can be updated independent of SpamAssassin itself via sa-update. The
ClamAV virus scanning database gets automatically updated biweekly.

A separate web-based mail client is also available as a Post.Office add-on.
When Post.Office and WEBmail are used in conjunction with Tenon’s iTools
(an Apache, DNS, and FTP management tool), both products have additional
capabilities. Graphical displays of Post.Office mail traffic patterns can
be generated and the web-based mail client manifests a big performance
boost by taking advantage of FastCGI with iTools Apache 2.2.

Post.Office, WEBmail and iTools run flawlessly on any Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5
(client) machine, giving webmasters and postmasters an inexpensive way to
start hosting their own sites. Because all of these products are extremely
scalable, transitioning to an Xserve with Mac OS X Server when the traffic
demands it is very doable.

Outside of Japan, Post.Office is now only available on Mac OS X.
Post.Office users on non-Mac platforms are encouraged to call Tenon for
analysis, support and system upgrades. Tenon can easily move mail and
account information from any non-Mac Post.Office platform to a Mac OS X
machine, giving long-term Post.Office customers access to a modern mail
server, with the same comfortable, easy-to-administer web GUI, coupled with
Tenon’s highly-regarded technical support.

Post.Office is $349 for a 100 mailbox/ 10 list system, WEBmail is $275 for
100 users, and iTools is $349. Check the Tenon web site
( for details, special bundle offers and upgrade

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance
networking. Tenon technology has provided the framework for world-class
networking on the Macintosh and Tenon is continuing that tradition on Mac
OS X. Tenon Intersystems can be reached by phone (805-963-6983), by email
(, or via the web at (