Sand Hill Engineering is proud to announce the release of XTension 6.0,
the highly-acclaimed application suite for home automation that has served
thousands of homes for over 12 years.

This latest version supports multiple concurrent powerline and RF interfaces
and a wide array of new home convenience devices such as the Oregon Scientific
wireless product line from weather gauges to bathroom scales, BBQ temp
atomic clocks and power monitoring.

This version is supported by the simplest and yet most extensible web
interface, X2Web;
a new database and graphic charting package XTdb; and a sleek new Video

XTension now supports the USB and WiFi / Ethernet based RF receivers and
from RFXcom, bringing “1-wire” devices seamlessly into the XTension database.
The ethernet receivers can be located anywhere in the house, or over the web.

XTension supports the Weeder Technologies wired control and monitor
product line, such as discrete sensors and relay output.

Base price is $149.95, and there is a free LITE version.