Writing screenplays used to be a difficult process where it was
difficult to find the portion of the screenplay to edit, keeping
track of the storyline could be difficult, writer’s block was common,
and you really couldn’t “play with” the script to get it right.

These problems are a thing of the past with ScriptMapping
(http://www.novamind.com/screenwriting/)- powerful screenwriting
software built in to NovaMind mind mapping software. It allows the
user to capture ideas easily during brainstorming sessions, and
attach portions of the screenplay to different branches of the mind
maps. The screenplay can be reorganized just by dragging the branches
into different locations. Experimental screenwriting is now possible
through the ability to disable the printing or export of the script
on specific branches of the Mind Map. Visual storyboarding is
accomplished by attaching images to the branches, or creating links
to movies and other resources where required.

Many professionals in the live theater, movie and TV industries
already use Mind Mapping and brainstorming techniques to generate and
develop story ideas and characters, and plan, organize and manage
many aspects of production. These uses are also fully supported in
NovaMind with the ability to add notes to the branches, hyperlink to
other documents, set start and finish dates, percentage complete,
durations and allocate resources. NovaMind integrates with Merlin for
project management on the Mac, and exports to MS Project for project
management on Windows.

John Brownlow, writer of the movie “Sylvia” starring Gwyneth Paltrow,
said: “I just wanted to congratulate you on starting to address the
need for a truly structured screenwriting program.
As a long-standing and very disillusioned user of other screenwriting
applications, I am delighted to see the way NovaMind is going. I
already structure all of my scripts in NovaMind and am enormously
looking forward to using the app to do much more of the work on my
next script.”

The screenwriting functionality in the Mac version of NovaMind
Platinum has been completely rewritten over the last 6 months, and
now includes the following capabilities:

* Screenplay formatting to industry standards for font,
margin settings, line spacing, mores, continueds, section standards
and page numbering

* Fully configurable cycling through section types on return
and tab keypresses

* Automatic sentence casing of dialogues and actions

* Text completions for character names, scene headings, scene
location and time, character parentheticals, and transitions

* Orphan protection of dialogs so they are not split from
their character names

* Work with the whole screenplay in a single view or just one
branch at a time

* Both import and export to and from Movie Magic and Final Draft

* Configurable initial section type for branches

* Configurable mores and continueds for characters and
scenes, including automatic character continueds and scene number

* Configurable scene numbering in the margins on both sides

* Configurable indents and capitalization for sections, as
well as overall page layout settings
* Global replace of character names and scene locations

* Skip directly to the next or previous branch with script
attached, or just to the next or previous branch, from within the
screenwriter window

* Enable or disable script on a branch either from within the
screenwriter window or on the Mind Map, or from within the print or
export dialogs

* Jump directly to scenes or page numbers within the
screenplay either using the mouse or by command key

* Capitalize or lower case selected text

* Scale the screenplay text for easier readability

* Ability to set the scene numbering and continuations for
printing independently of the editor

* Print just a single branch, a range of scenes, or a range
of pages of the script

* Ability to include mind map related text (branch titles,
branch notes, attached text) in the printed or exported screenplay

The combination of screenwriting and mind mapping is totally unique
to NovaMind, and provides everything you need to write and publish
your screenplay directly from within NovaMind.
NovaMind has been used by some top screenwriting professionals for
several years, and even with the old capabilities of the
screenwriter, they have done amazing things. For example, Hector
Cabello Reyes used the screenwriting capabilities of NovaMind to
write the screenplay with which he won the top professional
screenwriting award in Europe.

The combination of Mind Mapping and Screenwriting is a revolution in
screenplay programs. It benefits the entire movie production
business, allowing all the people involved to communicate better, be
more flexible and creative, and produce better movies more quickly
and with lower risk.