NovaMind Software announces the immediate availability of Merlin 2.6
(, which includes web publishing
capabilities so that others can collaborate remotely on project
management tasks, no matter what operating system they are using.

Merlin project management software for Mac has long been recognized
as the leading professional project management application for Mac
computers, and there have been many requests to make its powerful
project management features available to people working on other
operating systems.

With the Web Sharing module, users can publish project files over the
Web either as a live HTML document so as to collaborate with other
users over the Web, or as a static HTML page to share with a project
team and other stakeholders.

This feature opens the door for all users who wish to use Merlin but
can’t because they are tied to an operating system other than Mac OS
X. By publishing Merlin project files using the Merlin application
and its Web Module add-on, other users can access the project and
collaborate on it using their Web browser.

Projects that have been shared using Web Sharing have just about all
the features of Merlin available to the whole team on the Web. There
is also built in support for assigning users different permissions so
that the appropriate information can be seen and edited by different

The update from earlier versions of Merlin 2 is free, but a separate
license is required for the Web sharing capabilities. The Web sharing
licenses can be purchased from the NovaMind online store.
Merlin 2.6 also has a wide range of bug fixes, and enhancements to
things like Microsoft Project import, and application of styles.

The unique combination of NovaMind mind maps and Merlin brings a
powerful extra dimension to project management, allowing much
improved planning, staff buy-in and involvement in the whole process.
One of the tenets of project management is the increasing cost of
errors or omissions in the plans at each stage of the project. By
starting the project with brainstorming and Mind Mapping, project
scoping is clearly defined early on, problems are resolved during the
planning process, and the team is able to have input into identifying
issues before they cost a lot of time and money.

Merlin can both import and export NovaMind mind maps providing the
best of Mind Mapping, visual planning and communication, as well as
the best of project, risk and issue management.
Couple NovaMind and Merlin with the resources of the Apple iPhoto,
Address Book, and iCal applications, and it makes a very powerful
solution for the whole of the project from inception to delivery.