SecuTech adds more security solutions

World’s strongest HID solution against software piracy, unlicensed use,
video protection and web authentication is now available.

UniKey Solutions

SecuTech Solution Inc. offers several ready license protection solutions
along with UniKey. UniKey takes the role of hardware ID and works as the
container of digital credentials.

UniKey Software Protection System provides a completed set of tools and
samples for software vendors to control their software’s distribution.

UniKey Web Authentication System gives a new option for cost-effective two
factor authentication for Web sites.

With help of UniKey Video Protector, you can protect your video files with

Software Protection

Protect Your Software and Grow Your Revenues with the new driverless
technology software protection & licensing solution.

UniKey dongles fully integrated with your existing software product
lifecycle to minimize disruptions to development and business processes.
UniKey dongles feature new driverless technology that reduces the huge work
of technical support team for software vendors.

With UniKey dongles, you can increase your profits by protecting against
losses from software piracy and intellectual property theft and enable
innovative business models to increase value and differentiate your

The UniKey Software Protection System offers numerous licensing options,
such as expiration dates, user limit, demo, trial version, renting,
leasing. With easy to use tools like API, enveloper, developers can easily
make encryption which is difficult to be cracked.

Video Protection

Want to sell video data to your customers?

Want to protect them against illegal distribution?

Yes, UniKey Video Protector is then the right solution for you. Your video
data such as real media (rm/rmvb), avi, swf and flv video files are
protected with the state-of-the-art encryption technologies. Only the owner
with the right license number can decrypt and consume the data.

As a video vendor, you need only a simple click to protect your video
files, while the end-user must have a UniKey dongle that you issued to
access your video files.

Additionally to the protection function with UniKey Video Protector, the
solution offers you the Driverless technology, reduces the huge work of
technical support team for video vendors.

Web Authentication

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to web security and hence
authentication has become an increasing critical problem of Internet and
Intranet environments.

UniKey web authentication serves more than one purpose. It can provide data
security, identity theft protection and improved user experience. The
strength of an organization’s web authentication method needs to match the
value of the information and resources opened for access.

SecuTech delivers a variety of web authentication methods for varying
security and user requirements.

About SecuTech Solution Inc.

SecuTech Solutions Inc. is a company specializing in software license
management business systems focusing on the international market with their
class leading UniKey product range. Having an extensive and in-depth range
of experience within the Software Management Licensing market, SecuTech has
drawn upon this experience to utilize today’s cutting-edge technologies to
introduce a COMPLETE and affordable solution for today’s software vendor
markets worldwide

SecuTech Solution Inc.