New iPhone 3G Battery Replacement Services Announced

Even though the second generation iPhone 3G is not out yet, Milliamp LTD
has a battery replacement service at the ready.

(PRWEB) July 9, 2008 — The leader in iPod battery replacements, Milliamp
LTD at their website, has just announced a battery
replacement service for the new iPhone 3G.

“Although the new iPhone won’t hit the U.S. market until later this week,
we wanted the world to know that we have the capability to replace the
battery in the new iPhone 3G,” said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the
iPhone battery replacement service provider.

Milliamp LTD has been offering battery replacement kits for practically
every iPod model, as well as battery replacement services for the more
difficult-to-open iPods for three years now, and are widely considered the
leader in the field.

Every iPod and iPhone has a lithium-ion battery, so over time, the battery
will fail to hold it’s original charge and will eventually have to be

New iPhone 3G batteries sell for just $20, and the installation/shipping
fees vary depending on how fast you need to have your iPhone returned to

The company has been offering new iPhone batteries ever since the first
generation iPhone came out in June 2007, so being able to support a battery
replacement service for the new second generation iPhone is a natural
progression for the San Antonio-based company.

The battery replacement service that Milliamp LTD offers the public that
needs a new iPod battery of iPhone battery is generally much faster and
less expensive than Apple Computer’s offering, since iPod and iPhone
batteries are usually replaced on the same day the device is received and
then shipped back out the following business day.

“Our batteries are covered for ten years, whether you perform the
installation yourself or if we replace the battery for you,” continued

Now that is good news and something to remember when the time comes for a
new iPod battery or iPhone battery.

Milliamp LTD provides iPod repairs as well as iPhone repairs, in addition
to performing battery replacements.