Indev has announced Mail Perspectives (, new software to transform your email experience in Apple’s Mail application. It costs US$24.95, but is being offered at a special introductory price of $19.95 through March 18. A demo is available for download.

Mail Perspectives adds four new windows to Mail — the Perspective, Quick Look, Recent Mail and Mail Actions Windows — to the Mac OS X Mail app. It’s designed to make it easier to monitor mailboxes and visually organize the Mail environment.

The new Perspective Window is a compact window that displays the essential details of the messages belonging to selected mailboxes in either single message or list mode. The Quick Look Window previews full messages without the need to create an extra window for each message. The Recent Mail Window is an up-to-date list of messages that have recently arrived. The Mail Actions Window is a window to provide access to common mail actions such as check messages and compose mail without the overhead of a full message browser.

Although Mac OS X 10.7 is several months away from being complete, Indev says it aims to have Mail Perspectives compatible with Mail on Lion upon its released. Mail Perspectives is the successor to MiniMail 2.0 and is a free upgrade for all MiniMail 2.0 customers.

MiniMail 2.0 registration codes will continue to be valid in Mail Perspectives 2.0. MiniMail 1.0 customers can upgrade for US$17.95 ($12.95 until March 18) by contacting our support team and providing a record of their MiniMail 1.0 registration.