taking advantage of Mac OS X 10.5’s Quick Look functionality and more

Enschede, The Netherlands – July 07, 2008 – Robert Kuilman has released a
new version of Media Catalog, a media indexing application for Mac OS X.
This new version continues the trend of improvement that has been set in
previous releases.

Media Catalog was designed from the ground op to be a intuitive,
to-the-point and no-frills indexing application that does what it needs to
do, the Apple-way. Cataloging all your removable media such as archive CDs,
DVDs and removable hard drives Media Catalog makes it easy for the user to
find the files they need without any hassle.

Version 4.0 of Media Catalog takes advantage of Mac OS X 10.5’s Quick Look
feature to give users a sneak peek of the files they want to find. After
slashing the application’s search speed in version 3.9, version 4.0
decimates its own indexing speed by improving it up to 770% compared to
version 3.9.

Added to that is drag support, a feature that was long due. Overall
responsiveness was improved and some minor and major bugs were fixed.

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