We have just released the new GPS-Info CMM 1.1 for Mac OS X, a free Finder
context menu plugin that displays the GPS coordinates embedded in a photo,
and offers to display that location in Google Earth, Flickr, Panoramio,
Google Maps, or MapQuest.

Supported photo formats are JPG, TIFF, PSD, and RAW.

New in GPS-Info CMM 1.1:

* The IPTC fields city, state, and
country are being displayed, if they are contained in the photo

* The Reveal in Google Earth command now “flies” Google Earth to the GPS
coordinate, and also uses the tilt, azimuth, and distance embedded in the
photo for the display

* The GPS coordinate can now also be exported into a KML file

* Added SmugMug and WikiMapia to the list

* Google Maps now sets a marker with the name of the photo on the exact GPS

* Fixed some memory leaks

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