Fast iPod touch Battery Installation Services Now Offered

iPod touch users that have a battery that does not hold a charge for very
long anymore can get it replaced quickly from Milliamp LTD.

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) June 30, 2008 — For over three years, Milliamp LTD
through their website ipodjuice .com has helped thousands of people get
their iPod batteries replaced. This same company has just announced a brand
new iPod touch battery replacement service.

iPod Touch Battery Service

The iPod touch was designed in a way that makes it very hard for the
average Joe to open, and this leaves customers who have purchased pone one
few options when the battery inside the iPod touch fails to keep a charge

The iPod touch is similar to the iPhone, but it does not have cellular
functionality, which relegates communication to wireless access points
only. Only if you are lucky enough to locate a wireless access point (and
an un-encrypted one at that!) will you be able to access the internet or
your email from the sleek device. However, most iPod touch users are within
distance of a known wireless router and can surf the net or downloads songs
from iTunes.

“While the Apple iPod touch battery is hard to access, we found a way to
safely open it and quickly perform the battery replacement.”, said Anthony
Magnabosco, owner of the website www.

The established iPod repair company performs iPod touch battery
replacements as soon as they arrive, quickly de-soldering out the failing
battery and then soldering in a brand new one that Milliamp LTD covers for
10 years – a rare find in the iPod battery business. The iPod touch
batteries that Milliamp LTD replaces will fit in the the 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB
version. The process for opening each of these models are exactly the same,
and one does not take any longer than the other to complete.

iPod touch batteries are a good investment, too, especially when you
consider that, for much less than what Apple will charge, you can keep the
same iPod touch you bought and get it back in working order much faster.

“We stopped being surprised at how fast our customers want their iPods and
iPhones fixed and sent back to them, so we made same-day service the
norm.”, added Magnabosco.

Considering the popularity of the iPod touch, a close cousin to the iPhone,
it is good to know that, when the time eventually comes to get a new iPod
touch battery, this is an online business that has the capability to

Milliamp LTD can repair iPod touch and repair Apple iPhone telephones in
their San Antonio shop. More information can be found at

Milliamp LTD and are in NO WAY associated with Apple
Computer, Inc.