SoftRAID, LLC announces the release and immediate shipment of SoftRAID 3.6.7

Mill Valley, CA

SoftRAID LLC is pleased to announce the release of version 3.6.7 of their
RAID software for Mac OS X. With this release, we continue to deliver the
best software RAID solution for the Mac. This version introduces a new
driver mechanism which always stores two copies of the RAID header
information for each volume. In the unlikely event that the RAID header
gets corrupted, the driver can now use the backup copy to correctly mount
the volume. In addition, this version adds several fixes for problems which
our users found during the first few months of using Leopard.

During the first six months that Leopard shipped, SoftRAID engineers worked
at recovering many RAID volumes (both AppleRAID and SoftRAID) for customers
where the RAID header information had been corrupted. In all cases, the
user was using Leopard on an Intel Mac. This corruption occurred about 1
out of 10 million times the RAID header was written to the disk. SoftRAID
engineers were determined to prevent this from happening to SoftRAID
volumes any more. The driver was modified to maintain a backup copy of the
RAID header for each volume. If the SoftRAID driver determines that one of
the RAID headers is invalid, it can use the backup copy instead. This new
feature adds increased reliability to all SoftRAID volumes and is
introduced in version 3.6.7.

This version also improves compatibility with professional applications
like FinalCut Pro and Aperture when running Leopard. SoftRAID 3.6.7 further
improves the reliability of starting both Intel and PowerPC Macs running

SoftRAID continues to be the most cost effective method and reliable method
of providing both real-time and off-site backup for busy professionals,
small businesses and server administrators. No other backup solution
combines the ability to seamlessly recover from hardware failures without
having to restore from backup media. In addition, SoftRAID users don’t have
to worry about the data corruption issues which plague other solutions like

For more information about SoftRAID 3.6.7, and for review copies, contact
us at

The SoftRAID 3.6.7 release is a free electronic upgrade to all 3.x owners.

The SoftRAID 3.6.7 electronic download is $129 and the retail CD is $149,
both available from the SoftRAID website and retail outlets worldwide.

All registered users will receive a free upgrade via email.

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