CBS will offer at least some of its TV shows for US$1 on the iTunes Store, reports “The New York Times” ( Asked about iTunes on an earnings call with analysts on Thursday, Leslie Moonves, the CEO of the CBS Corporation, said that “certain shows” would be sold for that price, but “I don’t know yet which will be.”

People in the industry told the “Times” they doubt the discounts would apply to the newest episodes of marquee shows like “NCIS” or “Two and a Half Men.” Currently, most standard-definition episode from the networks are $1.99, and high-definition episodes are $2.99 at the iTunes Store.

Apple representatives have cited $0.99 as the magic price point that brought digital music sales into the mainstream and that the same price could propel TV sales, reports the “Times.” But the networks have little data about what effect $0.99 sales would have, “making them more apprehensive about a change,” the article adds.