OpenServ Rack-Mount Servers from Psystar

OpenServ 1U and 2U Servers

We’re proud to annouce the dual-Xeon capable OpenServ line of Open
Computers. The Open Serv 1100

OpenServ 1100 is a 1U with four drive bays that provides up to 4 terabytes
of storage and compatible with major server OSs like Microsoft Server
2003/2008, CentOS, Ubuntu Server, and even Mac OS X Leopard Server. You can
load up an OpenServ with 16GB of ECC FBDIMMs and two Quad-Core Xeons. The
OpenServ 2400 is a 2U version with up to 6 terabytes of raw storage space.
You can have it similarly configured with 8 cores so that you can run even
the most storage intensive databases or web applications.