NICKENICH, Germany (June 19th, 2008) — Monkeybread Software is proud
to announce that the next release of the MBS REALbasic Plugins will have
Cocoa based controls.

Today you can try the latest 8.4 prerelease version and try the examples
with this new controls. And we would like to know from you what features
you like to have and in which direction future development can go.

Try this examples:

TextView – The Cocoa editfield with spellchecking as you type.
CaptureView – The Cocoa QuickTime control to record video.
MovieView – The Cocoa QuickTime control to play movies.
TableView – The Cocoa listbox with much more features.
WebView – The Cocoa HTMLViewer control.

All this controls have more features than the built-in controls in
REALbasic, but work work only on Mac OS X.
As a control in a REALbasic window, they require Mac OS X 10.5.

For use in Statusitems, Save Dialogs or menus, you can use them in
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer.

More features will come. All plugins can be freely tested in the
REALbasic IDE while compiled applications require a valid licence.

Plugin licenses are available for components or for the complete
collection. Starting at 20 Euro (+VAT) for one component.

If you buy a current license, you will get free updates for one year.
After that year, you can update your license to cover an additional

Details on the plug-ins:

Download the latest prerelease of the plugins here: