Berkeley, CA, 2008 June 20 – today announced an opportunity
for users of older Macs to upgrade their wireless cards without sacrificing
Apple’s user-friendly functionality to a third-party interface. MacWireless
11g PC and PCI cards work with the AirPort drivers built into OS X, so
there is no need to install any additional software. MacWireless also
offers a trade-in program for older AirPort cards. By trading in an older
AirPort or AirPort Extreme card, customers can save up to $50 on the
purchase of a new card. With the 11g PC and PCI cards selling for $69.98,
users of older macs can improve their range and increase their wireless
speed for less than $20. Please see below for details.

MacWireless 11g PCI Card

This wireless card gets your PowerMac on the net wirelessly, freeing you
from the necessity of running cables all over your home or small office. At
an extreme 54 Mbps, you have all the bandwidth you need for downloading,
sharing or printing large files. Works with any computer that can run OS X
10.2.6 or later and has an available PCI slot. Works with the AirPort
drivers built into OS X! No software installation required!

MacWireless 11g PC Card

The 11g PC Card is a great solution for older laptops. Users can reach
wireless networks at a greater distance, and establish a faster connection
than is possible with the built-in AirPort card. Works with any computer
that has a PC slot and is running OS 10.3 or later. Uses the AirPort driver
built into OS X! No software installation required!

MacWireless AirPort Trade-in Program

Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase any MacWireless product at regular price from
2. Remove the AirPort card from your computer and send it to 3. Once we receive the AirPort card, we will issue a $50
($20 for AirPort Extreme) credit to your credit card. Please note that your
AirPort card must be in working condition and must include the AirPort and
FCC labels.


MacWireless is the premier provider of wireless products for the Macintosh.