Ohanaware has released version 3.0 of App Wrapper, an app store preparation tool designed to simplify the process of preparing applications for submission to the Mac App Store and deploying on web sites.

App Wrapper features a GUI [graphical user interface] for adding the required App Store properties, creating high resolution icons, code signing an application (and it’s components), correcting the permissions of files within the bundle, placing an app into a App Sandbox and packaging it in a signed installer or creating a zip file.

App Wrapper includes support for creating a custom Apple About Box, adding UTIs and URL aliases, supporting document packages, adding high resolution document icons, providing Apple compatible help books, container migration, removing unneeded languages, outdated architectures or left over development files.

Featuring the latest iteration of the Xojo script generator, App Wrapper creates quicker Xojo scripts that can be integrated into Xojo projects, enabling Retina and sandboxed applications during the development process, all while providing support for Xojo’s debugger. It reduces development time when debugging Retina or sandboxing issues.

Apple Wrapper 3 includes pre-build scripts that provide feedback information to the Xojo IDE about the intended deployment destination (such as building for the App Store or App Sandbox). Some other new features include; Application Reports, providing detailed information on the application and its sub components; cleaning functions for providing slimmer apps; testing functions for Gate Keeper (without having to upload/download files); installer testing and verification; a permissions correction engine; new version number correction system; and Retina asset verification.

App Wrapper 3 requires Mac OS X Yosemite anda is available from the Ohanaware web site (www.ohanaware.com). There are three pricing options:

° US$49.99 — 1-Year Update Plan (discounted to $29.99 until the end of November);
° $9.99 — 30-Day Pay As You Go;
° $199.99 – 1-Year Small Team Update Plan.