iLinc Delivers Unrivaled User Experience With Latest Version of iLinc Web
Conferencing Suite

iLinc 10 Provides Better Real-Time Collaboration and Only Tool Capable of
Tracking Travel Cost, Carbon Emission Savings

PHOENIX, Ariz. (June 2, 2008) — iLinc (AMEX:ILC), a leading provider of
Web conferencing software and online collaboration solutions announced
today the immediate availability of its latest release, iLinc 10
( While iLinc has a longstanding focus on
delivering session leaders and attendees a dynamic, capability-rich
experience that rivals in-person meetings, iLinc 10 is the most bold
statement the software vendor has made toward this approach and is the
result of research and development to further enhance real-time
collaboration and online sessions for its million-plus user population.

Across corporate and educational organizations as well as state and federal
government, iLinc users collaborate with peers, employees, customers,
partners and learners in real-time via formal and informal virtual
meetings, virtual classroom sessions, webinars and support sessions.

In addition to addressing the strategic requirement organizational leaders
have for a robust, dependable, cost-effective collaboration tool, iLinc 10
provides key metrics around cost savings and the positive impact this type
of strategy has on the environment. As well, this newest version of iLinc
provides administrators even greater control over security configuration
for each session and users.

“iLinc 10 is a direct result of listening closely to our customers,” said
Frank Gartland, Vice President, Product and Technology for iLinc. “They
need an easy-to-use solution that increases engagement levels during
meetings, virtual classroom events or webinars, which is exactly what we’ve

Continued Garland, “We know effective online sessions will enable more
people to get the job done in a forum that provides real, measurable cost
savings. Of course, with the cost of travel today, this is more important
than ever and it’s essential that everyone start to consider the
environmental impact. The new iLinc Green Meter illustrates both types of
savings in a clear and concise manner.”

In addition, iLinc 10 provides the following additional benefits:

* Significantly Enhanced User Experience (for Windows and Mac)–Cleaner
design provides arguably the best user experience on the market today with
more intuitive usability for all user roles while improved support for
multi-point videoconferencing enables multiple users to share video
simultaneously for an experience more like actual “in-person meetings.” The
interface also includes much improved chat management via different tabs
for private, person-to-person instant-messaging conversations, and major
improvements to features like Polling, WebSync, Breakout Groups, File
Transfer and session recording.

* Content, Event and Learning Management Rolled into One–The new iLinc 10
Communications Center is a Web-based Session Management System that may be
the most underestimated application in Web conferencing. Typically used by
administrators to set up users, configure security settings and set session
defaults, or used by session leaders to set up sessions and manage external
content, the Communications Center features a completely new interface.
This new interface provides a number of benefits, including
easier-to-navigate tools; enhanced usability to manage sessions, content or
users; and the ability for any organization to provide and support blended
learning programs to their user population, including live training
sessions, session recordings, asynchronous content like tutorials and
interactive exercises, or related documents in virtually any format,

* Enhanced iLinc 10 Green Meter–Administrators see organizational
efficiencies at a glance with the new iLinc 10 Green Meter. Total cost
savings, carbon emissions and total distance not traveled are displayed in
the new interface while more detailed information is available via several
Green Meter reports. Administrators can also customize several variables to
match their organization’s specific policies. With iLinc 10, all attendees
can see how much savings are being generated during each session and/or
their own personal contribution over time. This tool is available from
within an iLinc 10 session and from the iLinc Communications Center

* Integrated Telephony Options Designed for Web Conferencing–When
determining the best option for providing audio to participants for a
particular session, customers of the new iLinc 10 have even more choices.
The interface is fully integrated with audio conferencing providers like
Premiere and ConferencePlus so session leaders can control who is speaking
with a mouse click. Additionally, iLinc offers high-quality Web-based audio
that enables everyone in session to clearly communicate via computer-based
microphones and speakers, easily configured with a new Audio Wizard.
Finally, iLinc 10 also supports integrated sessions with both traditional
telephone callers and users listening via Internet audio.

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About iLinc

iLinc is a recognized leader in providing Web conferencing software and
collaboration solutions for highly secure and cost-effective online
meetings, presentations, webinars and virtual classroom training and
support sessions ( The company’s
technology allows people in diverse locations to communicate and
collaborate online while avoiding the expense, environmental damage, and
productivity losses associated with travel. iLinc provides an
award-winning, enterprise-wide suite of Web, audio and video conferencing
solutions that can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of any size
organization. Offering the industry’s most flexible pricing models, iLinc
gives organizations the power to choose an on-premise installed, on-demand
hosted, or hybrid solution–whichever model delivers the highest ROI for
the customer. iLinc is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.