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BARCODE PRODUCER 5.0 FOR MAC OS X: Major upgrade for industry standard
barcode creation suite offers Symbology Guide barcode encyclopedia,
embedded OCR fonts, UPC-A for music CDs, SSCC-18 barcode support

RALEIGH, NC (May 27th, 2008) — Intelli Innovations, Inc. today delivered
Barcode Producer 5.0, a major upgrade to its award-winning barcode
generation suite for Mac OS X. The release offers major new features and
support for the latest barcode standards.

Barcode Producer makes it easy to create a barcode for any purpose —
simply select the type from the interactive Symbology Guide barcode
encyclopedia, then customize the barcode with a live preview and finishing
tools like borders, colors, and scaling. Instant Transfer sends finished
barcodes to Adobe Creative Suite products like Illustrator, Photoshop, and
Acrobat; or save EPS, TIFF, or PDF directly to the desktop for use with
QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office, or other products.

New in Barcode Producer 5, the software embeds fully outlined OCR fonts in
the barcode output, helps users find the right barcode with the Symbology
Guide barcode encylopedia, offers the latest barcode symbologies such as
SSCC-18, and much more.


– Symbology Guide: Barcode Producer 5’s interactive barcode
encyclopedia helps users find the right barcode symbology for their
application, now offering graphical previews of each barcode, Spotlight
symbology search, and detailed descriptions.

– Embedded, outlined OCR fonts: Barcode Producer now embeds fully outlined
fonts for vector EPS barcode generation, freeing users from fonts and other
file dependencies.

– Help Me Choose: An interactive assistant that helps you find the barcode
for your application — tell Help Me Choose what you know, and the
software will suggest barcodes for your specific use.

– UPC-A for Music CDs: Create UPC-A barcodes with the human readable text
positioned under the guard bars, as is typical for many North American
music CDs.

– SSCC-18 symbology: Serial Shipping Container Code barcodes are used for
item tracking and inventory control for supply chain management.

– Tools & Reference: Find the latest resources, books, calculators, and
reference materials for creating the perfect barcode.

– Help and documentation: All new in Barcode Producer 5, comprehensive
documentation with a built-in help feature is now included.

Pricing & Requirements

Barcode Producer is $199.00 with instant digital delivery (CD-ROM delivery
is also offered). Upgrades from any previous release are $59.00.

Barcode Producer 5.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later; Universal Binary for
PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

Read more at Barcode Producer’s web site, or download a free demo:

Barcode Producer meets industry standards for barcode symbology creation.
Barcode output quality is tested against ISO/IEC 15416 utilizing in-house
linear image verification equiment from Honeywell Imaging & Mobility.

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