=46reeridecoding introduces BurnAgain FS 1.0, its new CD/DVD
multisession burning application for Mac OS X.

Usually it is impossible to burn to a DVD more than once or to a CD
more than once without creating a distinct volume for each session.
With BurnAgain FS both is possible and even more.

BurnAgain FS mounts a CD or DVD in the Finder in a writeable way like
a harddisk volume and makes it possible to add files, remove files,
even edit and change files. At any time the changes can be burned to
the media.
This can be continued multiple times (without erasing the disk!),
until the disk is full. The use of CDR, CDRW, DVD+RW and DVD-RW is
supported. Additionally, the title of the disk can be changed with
each burn as well.

Disks burned with BurnAgain FS are readable without additional
software on all platforms. BurnAgain FS automatically preserves
special Mac file attributes (resource forks) as well.

BurnAgain FS Mac OS X 10.5 and an Apple supported CD/DVD writer.
BurnAgain FS is a universal binary.

– change the content of your CD/DVD like on a hardisk
– change disk title at each burn
– preserves resource forks
– platform independent format
– usable with CDR,CDRW
– usable with DVD+RW,DVD-RW
– multiple sessions without multiple volumes

Website: http://freeridecoding.com/burnagainfs

BurnAgain FS can be tried out for free for 20 trial burns.
A BurnAgain FS single license is available for 15=A4 (appr. 23USD)
Customers who have purchased BurnAgain DVD in 2008 get BurnAgain FS
for free.