LiveQuartz 1.8,
Free photo reTOUCHing for Leopard.

Paris – April 17, 2008 – Romain Piveteau today announces LiveQuartz 1.8, an
update only for Leopard.

This update adds Multi-Touch trackpads support. ‘Swipe’ for tools and layer
control, ‘Pinch & Expand’ for magnification and layer zoom transformation
and ‘Rotation’ for layer rotation. There is also a new “free line” tool, a
new filter picker, better layer merging, global image resizing, an enhanced
user interface and the standard picture taker which gives access to iSight

LiveQuartz is aimed at all people that need a photo retouching tool to easy
manipulate layers, transparency and non destructive filters. Each photo
dropped to its window is converted into a new layer, which could have
several filters applied in real time in a non destructive way. It used a
one window interface without palette like iLife applications.
LiveQuartz’ file format (RHIF) keeps layers and filters settings intact and
is recognized by Spotlight and QuickLook.

LiveQuartz is a donation-ware. It is free but users are encouraged to
donate to help the author if they are satisfied by the product. It is
localized in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Italian,
Danish, and Persian.

Video demos are available on the web site