Red Marble Games today announced the release of Kudos Rock Legend for the Macintosh. Unique, challenging, and highly entertaining, Kudos Rock Legend is part role-playing game, part life-sim game, and part Tycoon game, blended to create an experience that truly immerses the player in the game’s high energy storyline. In Kudos Rock Legend, players find themselves the leader of their own struggling rock band trying to break into the big leagues of rock super-stardom, fame, and fortune. In addition to being the band’s lead singer, players must attend to the personnel and business management issues of the band. Players select musicians for their band, select a band name, write the band’s songs, coordinate auditions, attend rehearsals, record albums, play gigs, and more.

{ Price: US$22.95 ~ Requires: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later ~ Demo available }