Ettore Software Ltd. now shipping TypeIt4Me 4.0, first previewed at
Macworld Conference & Expo 2008.

London, UK, Tuesday, 19 February 2008 — Ettore Software Ltd. today started
shipping an enhanced version of its long-standing text expander for Mac,
TypeIt4Me, introduced at Macworld Expo in January.

Since 1989, TypeIt4Me has allowed users to set up short abbreviations which
expand to words, pictures, phrases, paragraphs or indeed entire pages when

New TypeIt4Me version 4.0 will now automatically correct spelling mistakes.
Unlike competing products which require the user to set up long lists of
typos and their correct spelling, TypeIt4Me’s AutoCorrect uses Apple’s
built-in OS X spell-checker, AppleSpell and requires no user set up. Users
can turn AutoCorrect on/off via a hotkey, which also allows changing among
up to three supported languages (including English, French, German,
Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese).

Company founder and CEO, Riccardo Ettore says: “Users have long been able
to define commonly mistyped words to expand to their correct spelling. With
4.0, they can now leverage the power of OS X’s built-in spell- checker and
have their typos automatically corrected while they continue typing,
instead of seeing it underlined in red.”

Also new in 4.0 is Autocue, which allows users to define boilerplate text
with variable parts to be typed when prompted at expansion time.

For a complete list of features, see:

Available now for download from TypeIt4Me 4.0
costs $27 ($14 for students/ teachers). Upgrades are $9, but free for users
who bought the previous version after 1 August 2006.

ABOUT Ettore Software Ltd.
Incorporated in 2007, Ettore Software Ltd. builds on company founder
Riccardo Ettore’s 23 years experience developing quality Mac programs for
productivity (TypeIt4Me) and fun (Sounds4Fun).