2/19/2008 — Ecamm Network today announced the release of MegaPhone v1.5.
Formerly called iPhoneDrive, the Mac application gives iPhone and iPod
Touch users access to iTunes media, photos, notes, and other data stored on
the device. Files and folders can also be copied to the device for data
storage and file transfer between Macs. New in v1.5, MegaPhone provides the
ability to add and edit notes. MegaPhone will add text files, PDF files,
and other formats to the iPhone Notes application for reading and editing
on the go.

“We can now finally use the iPhone notepad to store important information,”
explains Ken Aspeslagh, Ecamm Network’s iPhone specialist. “With MegaPhone,
moving notes back and forth between the Mac and the iPhone is as simple as
dragging in and out of the MegaPhone window.”

Additional uses for MegaPhone include viewing and exporting SMS and call
history data, exporting synced photos and backing up important data.

MegaPhone is available at http://www.ecamm.com and is $19.95. A fully
functional demo is provided free of charge to let users try it out before