Galaxy 1.5 for Revolution Released

November 20, 2006. Runtime Revolution Ltd and Daniels & Mara Inc
Galaxy 1.5 is the high productivity alternative add-on environment or
core replacement IDE for Runtime Revolution. New Galaxy 1.5 ships
with 9 new components and 31 new features! Try it for 30 days, or buy
it now and start your year of free upgrades and online support right

Galaxy extends the Revolution environment with highly robust and
productive replacements for core IDE components. Galaxy isnt an
exercise in pretty graphics or artfully arranged windows – this is a
design environment for reducing complexity and enhancing productivity
on small to very large commercial projects. Galaxy includes its own,
tighter user interface that frees up 50 of screenspace, as well as
its own enhanced debutter, variable watcher, script and property
editors. Here are all the core new features and enhancements in
Galaxy 1.5:

* Galaxy Templating System. Utilize built in Galaxy templates to
rapidly build the most common window and dialog types found in
applications or make your own! Create your own default handlers for
system messages, commands or functions. Create your own auto-complete
routines for completing control structures. End repetitiveness!

* Galaxy Draw and Visual Aids. Drag to create your stack with
immediate, real-time feedback on the size and location of screen
elements. Use horizontal dividers to separate chunks of code. Turn on
and off editable line stripes, making it easier to visually scan
lines of code. See a preview of an object in the Split Pane (Rev
2.7.x required)!

* Univeral Context Menus and Auto-Complete. Right click on to
inspect or edit objects, even Tabs! Compare values of any two tabs
via new Contextual Tab Menu. New auto-complete lets you get control
of geometry management and menu building.

* Three New Editors and Version Control Manager. Now includes a
default Handler Editor, Control Structure Editor and Text Property
Editor as well as the Version Control Manager!

* Galaxy Updater, Immediately download and use the latest or four
most recent versions of Galaxy – with release notes!

Try Galaxy for 30 days and, if you haven’t purchased it by day 30, it
reverts to Galaxy Free, a feature limited version. Compatible with
Revolution 2.6 and later. Available for Mac OS X and Windows for $96
directly from the RevSelect Store:

About Runtime Revolution, Ltd

Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on bringing user-centric
software development to all major platforms: Windows, Macintosh,
Linux, and Unix. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For
more information on Runtime Revolution, please visit the company on
the web at or

About Daniels & Mara, Inc

Austin, Texas-based Daniels & Mara, Inc utilizes Runtime Revolution
throughout their product development and on third party projects. The
company specializes in thin-client and n-tier solutions. With over 20
years of experience, Daniels & Mara, Inc has provided solutions to
clients including GE Aerospace, Apple Computer, University of Texas,
Motorola, NASA and DuPont. Learn more about Daniels & Mara, Inc
products on their website at