Fantom Drives Targets Prosumers With Affordable High Capacity eSATA+USB
G-Force MegaDisk Hard Drive System

Photos, Music, Videos, DVDs and Other Content Can be Easily Stored,
Protected, and Retrieved

TORRANCE, CA — February 20, 2008 — Fantom Drives, innovator of powerful
storage systems, today announces its new G-Force MegaDisk eSATA+USB high
performance external storage system with multiple RAID options,
high-capacities, and dual interface connectivity. Now available in 1.0 TB,
1.5 TB and 2.0 TB capacities, the Fantom Drives G-Force MegaDisk storage
system also includes NTI Shadow Backup, for real-time continuous backup.

Fantom Drives’ newest offering in its G-Force MegaDisk series provides both
the eSATA and USB 2.0 interface. By providing both interfaces, the G-Force
MegaDisk eSATA+USB 2.0 device enables the user to choose between the high
performance (300 MB/S) eSATA or the more ubiquitous (60 MB/S) USB 2.0
interfaces. Because eSATA may not be available on older computers, USB 2.0
allows the user to use the G-Force MegaDisk with Macs or PCs that lack an
eSATA port.

Fantom Drives’ new offering has RAID built in. The user configurable RAID
modes include RAID 0 (disk striping) for maximum speed, RAID 1 (disk
mirroring) for maximum fault tolerance, JBOD (just a bunch of disks —
direct mapping) for maximum flexibility, or Spanning for simple large
volume support at bus speeds as high as 300 MB/s. RAID software comes
installed on the G-Force MegaDisk eSATA+USB 2.0 drive.

The new drive system is housed in an attractive aluminum enclosure that is
designed to dissipate heat. The enclosure features one eSATA port and one
USB 2.0 port. The drive can be used on Macs or PCs with an eSATA port or
USB 2.0/1.1 interface.

“With the size of the typical user’s digital content growing at amazing
rates, the need for backup and storage of these files becomes essential.
The external storage unit that we’re announcing today, with capacities as
high as 2 TB, meets that need for many users. Photos, music, videos, DVDs
and other content can be easily stored, backed up, and retrieved using our
MegaDisk eSATA+USB drive,” Joe Trupiano, Director of Marketing at Fantom
Drives said. “Because we offer multiple configuration options, the user can
choose high performance, high capacity, high security, or the ability to
independently configure the drives in these systems.”

The 32 MB data buffer cache in the new offering enables high performance
data transfer between the MegaDisk eSATA and USB 2.0 drive and connected
PCs and Macs. In contrast, most other drives typically offer only an 8 MB
data buffer. The 32 MB data buffer in the Fantom Drives’ G-Force MegaDisk
eSATA+USB drive reduces the delays in writing or reading data, and allows
for virtually uninterrupted transfers, even over eSATA running at 300 MB/s.

Additionally, the Fantom Drives’ G-Force MegaDisk eSATA+USB 2.0 drive
includes award-winning NTI Shadow software. NTI Shadow offers real-time
continuous backup, in addition to scheduled backup. It’s easy to use, yet
powerful interface enables users to securely back-up and restore their
files. Custom file filtering, version control, drag and drop file restore,
and additional features make NTI Shadow an extremely valuable addition to
the drives announced today.

The three capacity options of the G-Force MegaDisk eSATA+USB 2.0 drive
includes the MDE1000, which offers 1 TB of storage, and the MDE1500,
providing 1.5 TB of storage. The MDE2000 offers a massive 2TB of storage.
All options are compatible with Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP,
Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista and Mac OS X v10.2 and Mac OS X Leopard.
The G-Force MegaDisk is shipped with one USB 2.0 cable, an eSATA cable,
Power Cord, User Manual, and NTI Shadow Backup Software.

Pricing and availability

The Fantom Drives’ G-Force MegaDisk with dual interface connectivity is
currently available in 1.0 TB, 1.5 TB and 2.0 TB drive configurations and
priced at $319.95, $459.95 and $649.95 respectively.

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